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v              THE CHURCH OF S. ANDREW IN KRISEI           113
She was prevented from carrying out her intention only by the peremptory and reiterated commands of the emperor^ that Gregory should be buried as a private person.1
After the death of Theodora we have only occasional glimpses of the church and monastery. In 1350 Stephen of Novgorod came c to kiss' the relics of S. Andrew of Crete, and describes the convent as c very beautiful/ 2 Once3 at leastj a sister proved too frail for her vocation;3 sometimes a devout and wealthy inmate^ such as Theognosia,* would provide an endowment to enable poor girls to become her heirs in religion ; or the sisterhood was vexed by the dishonesty of parties who had rented the lands from which the convent derived its revenues.5 Towards the end of its Byzantine period another Russian pilgrim6 came to honour the remains of S. Andrew the Strategos, and bring the Christian history of the church to a close. It was converted into a mosque by Mustapha Pasha3 Grand Vizier in the reign of Selim L (1512-152o).r The custom of illuminating the minarets of the mosques on the eve of the Prophet's birthday was introduced first at this mosque.8
Architectural Features
On account of the serious changes made in the building and its surroundings when it became a mosque, and after the earthquake of 1765, its real character is not immediately apparent. The present entrance is in the northern side? where a fine Turkish arcade has been erected. The mihrab is on the south side5 a greater change for the correct orientation of a mosque than is usually necessary in the adaptation of a church to the requirements of a sanctuary in which the worshippers turn towards Mecca. To the east a hall has been added for the accommodation of women who attend the services ; while on the west is another hall, where the dervishes of the Tek6 attached to the rnosque
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